MacFuse support, all packages below require 10.4-1.1.0 (Tiger) or 10.5-1.1.1 (Leopard):


You will need to install MacFusion for GUI support:
Tiger: 1.2 Beta 3.dmg
Leopard: 1.2 Beta 3.dmg

EncFSVault is moving to Google Code.  

File OS Version Type SHA1 MD5
EncFS.Fusion 0.4.5 (MacFusion plugin, Requires EncFS package) Tiger or Leopard Universal 85fcd1372e53987d466de541784fbaed86294738 c2521ca03ba189bdbe0d99ca187c22c0
EncFSVault 10.5-0.0.5  (FileVault replacement) Leopard Universal Now on Google Code EncFSVault
EncFSVault 10.4-0.0.5  (FileVault replacement) Tiger Universal Now on Google Code EncFSVault
EncFS-10.5-2.0.0  (EncFS /usr/local/bin) Leopard Universal Now on Google Code EncFSVault
EncFS-10.4-2.0.0  (EncFS /usr/local/bin) Tiger Universal Now on Google Code EncFSVault

Please note that I have not tested the Universal binaries on PPC due to limited hardware.

If you are running the MacPorts version of EncFS which is not compatible with MacFuse 1.1.x (at this time) you will need to uninstall it  by running "sudo port uninstall encfs".

Older Versions

File OS Version Type SHA1 MD5
EncFSVault 10.5-0.0.4  (FileVault replacement) Leopard Universal 4feda5b578ef737bdfc3bb784ee74e08c147ab6b
EncFSVault 10.4-0.0.4  (FileVault replacement) Tiger Universal 971e43edaf78d9d1676bff5e66db38a8341934e1
EncFSVault 10.5-0.0.3  (FileVault replacement) Leopard Universal 92f4d79eed0e18ea4f0cd69cc7479fa3b3927cae
EncFSVault 10.4-0.0.3  (FileVault replacement) Tiger Universal 9a8b1ef3b4c2360a60721f62ac792a7e765fd890
EncFSVault 10.5-0.0.1  (FileVault replacement) Leopard Universal a88a6414c5e75cff2ee65ae1d1af576c97a3a169 7b6e8f92f0186681f670d6c23aa2ff64
EncFSVault 10.4-0.0.1  (FileVault replacement) Tiger Universal 0b777ae577f37b9c78ea7f84d44b9ac6751e5899 05c2ada1bd0b79b6fd5877f4a5f0a82a